About Me

Hi, I’m Miriam and welcome to my blog.  I’m passionate about low waste living, minimalism, setting and achieving goals, travel, books, tea, and knitting.  A former shopaholic and makeup addict, I can now fit all my clothes into a single suitcase and my makeup takes up less a single drawer.  And I’ve never been happier.

Four years ago, I unknowingly started on a journey of reducing my belongings, which has culminated in my love of a minimalist lifestyle, a desire to live a somewhat slower paced life, and a drive to reduce my waste in every aspect of my life.

At 17, I packed up nearly all my belongings and moved to New Zealand for university.  This meant scaling back everything I owned into three super large suitcases (which, at the time, was no easy task).  At that point in my life, minimalism didn’t interest me and I had no concept of low waste living. Fast forward another year and my then-boyfriend-now-husband and I were living in a small two bedroom apartment, I was bogged down with university assignments and feeling stressed about the sheer quantity of my belongings, and I knew I had to do something about the way I was living.  First, I gave up most of my clothing and makeup shopping. Downsizing my belongings was, at first, a slow and very gradual process, but I soon stumbled upon zero waste living. I was inspired by the likes of Lauren Singer’s blog Trash is For Tossers and Sustainably Vegan on Youtube. This led to a massive overhaul in the way I purchased food and other living essentials, as well as a huge pairing down in the number of items I owned.  I embarked on a journey of making my own household goods and food, switching to natural and minimalist makeup, and participating in no-buy months (where I only purchase the essentials and nothing else).

 By greatly reducing my belongings, I found happiness in the little things and the things that truly matter

Soon after graduating from university, I packed up my suitcases again (down to two now!) and moved to China for an internship.  I continued on my minimalist and zero waste journey, slipping up a little bit but overall managing to stay on track, and it was in China that I truly decided I wanted to start my blog.  Surrounded by an endless array of products and plastic, I wanted to share my journey of living with less and being happier without buying unnecessary items that I once lived for.  

Now, with another move international move (this time to Scotland for post-grad) right around the corner, I am more motivated than ever to live a minimalist and zero waste lifestyle.  By greatly reducing my belongings, I found happiness in the little things and the things that truly matter — family, friends, nature, travel, wellbeing, education, and achieving my goals.  I hope to share my continued journey with you on this blog.